• In collaboration with specialised pelvic therapists of FysioHolland
  • Especially for pregnant ladies who want to train in a responsible manner
  • Fit, energetic and stay strong through your pregnancy  

Exercising while pregnant can only do good things for you and your baby to be. As an added benefit, you will get back into shape much quicker after childbirth if you keep exercising. This means that you can continue Bootcamping without any worries, if you avoid several routines.

After the first three months of your pregnancy, crunches and sit-ups are a no-go, the same goes for ab exercises you do on your back and exercises that train the diagonal stomach muscles. These are exactly the muscles that have to accommodate the baby’s growth. The Bootcamp Club has developed a training  the characteristics of all trimesters are taken into account. 

The most important advantages of staying active during pregnancy:

  • A healthier and fitter feeling and more energy (exertion takes less effort)
  • Proper fitness for labour and rapid recovery after childbirth
  • Healthy weight increase
  • Fewer pregnancy afflictions
  • Furthers proper sleep
  • Ensures proper blood circulation of the placenta and a healthier living environment for the baby
  • Relaxed feeling and pleasant mood
  • Exercising with other pregnant women offers nice interactions and motivates


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