Clothing / To take with

Where do I leave my things?
Storage space is not always available. You can leave your telephone, keys and wallet with our trainers. However, make sure you take as few valuable possessions with you as possible.
What should I bring for a Bootcamp training?
Proper running shoes with sufficient cushioning and at least half a litre of water.
Are there changing rooms and/or toilets available?
At some training locations we are able to use the (sanitary) facilities of sport facilities nearby. Please check on a weekly basis if this is the case for the training for which you have registered.


What kind of exercises can you expect at a Bootcamp training?
At a regular Bootcamp training you mostly work with your own body weight and hardly any materials are used, unless otherwise indicated. Think of fitness exercises such as push-ups and squats, cardio exercises such as sprinting and jumping jacks, and ab exercises in combination with running.

Weather / cancellations

How do I know if a training is cancelled?
If a training is cancelled, you will be notified by mail or text. Therefore, make sure that the details on your account are up to date, so that you are always available.
Do you train in bad weather?
Yes! There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing ;-) However, if it is irresponsible to take groups of people across open terrain, such as for instance in case of a thunder storm, then the classes will be cancelled.


How long does a training last?
All Bootcamp trainings last approximately 60 minutes with a run-over time of 75 minutes.
How long in advance should I register/cancel?
You are able to register and cancel up to two hours before the training starts. You can cancel by clicking the button “cancel” for the training in question.
How do I register for a training?
For a trial class you can register on the top-right corner of the site and register immediately online for a training of your choice. You are not able to register by phone or by email.
How many participants train in a Bootcamp training?
Everyone can participate, but for the 23 - 25 the participants the training is full. The maximum is dependent on the location and intensity of the training. Taken that we always endorse a limit, it is important that you register yourself for the training and do so in time, to be sure that you will be able to participate.
I don’t exercise much,will am I still be able to participate?
Yes, all levels of fitness are welcome. View the training schedule to find different levels, such as for instance a low intensity Bootcamp or a high intensity Bootcamp. All exercises can be performed as appropriate to different levels, so that everyone can participate. This way the training is challenging to all, even to those advanced.


How do I get a membership?
When you are logged in, you can fill out the subscription form under ‘membership’, sign it and click submit. If you are unable to enter your signature, then check whether the latest version of Java is installed on your computer. If not, then download the latest version for free on If you are still unable to enter your signature, the download the direct debit form and send it by post to The Bootcamp Club, 9-11 IJsbaanpad, 1076 CV in Amsterdam or email the form to
I have a membership, can I start training immediately?
Subscriptions that have been digitally submitted will go in effect immediately. You can start training immediately. When you pay with a credit card of transfer take 1 to 2 days into account for processing. When you submitted a membership at your trainer in the park on working days, it can take 24 hours before your subscription is activated. 
I have an injury. Am I able to put my subscription on hold?
In case of severe injuries, a pregnancy or a long visit to a different country, we are able to put your subscription on hold. We only put subscriptions on hold after having received a declaration from a doctor. In this case, send a message to
Am I able to take a trial class before I get a membership?
No, at The Bootcamp Club you can't take a trial lesson. We have something better: a *trial month fot €15,00. Exercise a whole month as much as you want to get a good impression of The Bootcamp Club. Choose your city, park, bootcamp and intensity.
  • Unlimited exercising
  • Regular lessons and specials
  • No registration fee
  • Stops automatically after one month
*This offer only counts for new registrations and you can purchase once per person. Click here to purchase a trial month. Be aware: we endorse a minimum age of 16 years. 
Am I able to transfer my membership?
No, This is not possible.
Does a membership enable me to train without limit?
This depends on your membership. Check the conditions of your membership here.
Will my membership be extended without notice?
After the end-date, your membership will be extended automatically indefinitely. From this point, your membership can be cancelled per month. So, you can decide for yourself whether you continue your membership or cancel it.

Punch card

How long will my punch card be valid?
The validity of the punch cards is limited. Click here for the duration.
I have an injury. Am I able to put my punch card on hold?
In case of severe injuries, a pregnancy or a long visit to a different country, we are able to put (the period of validity of) the punch card on hold. In case of a severe injury we only put punch cards on hold after receiving a declaration from a doctor. In this case, send a message to
Am I able to try a trial class before buying a punch card?
Yes, you are able to first try a trial class at The Bootcamp Club. Click here, create an account and register for a trial class. Be aware: we endorse a minimum age of 18 years
Am I able to transfer my punch card?
No, punch cards are personal and cannot be transferred.
Where can I check the expiration date of my punch card or subscription?
You can find the period of validity on the dashboard when logging in.
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